to/kyo/to - Part 2

Rolling into Kyoto Central at precisely 14.26 and with 42 minutes to kill before changing trains onwards to Hiroshima, I munch on a chicken katsu sand[...]

to/kyo/to - Part 1

“Look at him! He's supposed to be at work!” Laughs my new bff Kei, pointing at his colleague across the road, frantically lying to his boss on the pho[...]

Going off season

There’s no getting around it. The lure of the Mentawai’s high season is nigh on impossible to ignore for most surfers who want to give the world’s mos[...]

Kerry & Andy

I always love it when my expectations of a wedding are well and truly blown out of the water - in this case a booking for a full ten hour day with a w[...]

Here be dragons

"In that dragon's eye which looked into me, as I hung precariously above it, I realised I had seen how old and strong is the dragon's history - and ho[...]

Lian & Corey

Clifftop splendour for Lian & Corey at the stunning Tirtha Uluwatu, with its majestic chapel overlooking the deep blue Indian ocean. Everything ab[...]

Ashlee & Jay

Stunning villa ceremony for Ashlee & Jay at the Banyan Estate in picturesque Umalas, followed by a bundle to the nearby beach at Petitenget for th[...]